Nothing Concrete


With three albums already released, 100's of concerts all over Europe, a string of dates as support act for Joan Armatrading (3 times Grammy nominee) and fantastic writeups in the press, Nothing Concrete are back on tour.Based in the rural idyll of the French Pyrenees, the show is a real melting pot of styles, sound and visuels. Compared to Dexy's Midnight Runners, Squirrel Nut Zippers, or Pokey Lafarge.



14 may18:00Centre culturel, St Alban, 31
3 june - 6 june18:00Strassenmusik fest ,Ludwigsburg, Al
12 june19:00La glissade des familles, Aurignac, 31
17 june20:00Fête de St Quirc, 09
18 june20:00Le poulpe du lac, St Croix Volvestre, 09
1 july20:00Larroque festival, Larroque 32
9 july20:00Pailhes, 09
14 july20:00Marché de Monestier, 81
16 july19:00La Berlue, Gaillac, 81
21 july20:30Marché Nocturne, Massat, 09
23 july19:00Festival Aeson, Udine, Italie
9 august19:00Neuchatel Buskers fest, Suisse
14 august19:00Kiosk'Art, Neuchatel, Suisse
16 august21:00Move en Salat, Seix, 09
19 august21:0031 Notes d'été, Cintegebelle, 31
25 august20:00Lac de Gery, St Beat, 32
27 august20:00Guinguette de Castres, Castres, 81
7 septembre20:30La Randonnée du chat bleu, 09